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Definitely better than any other stain remover I’ve used before.

Zach WoodenPet OwnerSee full review

It was amazing! Took the odors out of my rugs immediately and left a clean (non chemical) scent.

Beverly GutschenritterMotherSee full review

This product eliminates the stains in our carpets removes all of the smell. We love it!

NatalieAmazon BuyerSee full review

I will be telling my friends and family how great this stain remover works.

AlireeHappy CustomerSee Full Review

I love how this smells! I can’t even quite pinpoint what the smell is but it’s great.

JP85Odor-sensitive Pet OwnerSee full review

After a week, the stains did not return as they often have with other cleaners.

Christine J.
Christine J.Tried many productsSee full review

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