Oops! 6 Housebreaking Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

It’s that dreaded part of owning a dog that many pet owners worry most — housebreaking. The patience involved in the process is truly immense that it could overwhelm you. Toilet training your dog is a delicate process, sometimes a single mistake can put your weeks of training to waste.

Here are housebreaking mistakes that you should avoid:

1.       Not starting early  

Housebreaking should be done as early as possible. Puppies are fairly easier to train or condition. Older dogs tend to be more challenging especially ones that had never gone through the process.

As soon as your pup arrives home, the first rule you need to establish with your animal companion is to do business outside. If the breeder has already made some early training, take advantage of this and follow up immediately at home.


  1. 2.       Having potty pads or papers inside the house

Having potty pads ready teaches dogs that it’s okay to pee and poop inside the house. That makes them feel entitled. The best approach is to immediately take your pup to a designated spot outside the house whenever they feel the need to discharge.


3.       Not being consistent

Consistency is crucial. You might have the most intelligent dog in the world but if you are not consistent, your dog won’t learn the things you want to teach. As much as possible, you need to be consistent in just about anything when housetraining. As much as possible, feeding time should always the same, this will make potty time consistent. The place where you want the deed to happen should always be consistent. How you treat your dog as you train him should also be done consistently.


4.       Punishing your dog for making a mistake

Two words — POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT. The experience should always be pleasant to your dog as much as possible. Punish your dog just one time and it could set your training back to square one.


5.       Feeling nervous during training

Your energy is everything as your pup takes cues from you. Your dog will now if you feel nervous or anxious about the whole thing. Talking to the pup saying things like, “Go puppy and go potty” could just distract him or stress him out.


6.       Insensitivity to the signs

It pays to know the signs of an uneasy dog ready to go. You must also train yourself to be very good at this. Pacing, panting, barking or run around the house are common behavior for dogs that want to go. Take them outside as soon as you notice such behavior.